Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6 Ways to Study on the Go!

We all know that the Uniform CPA Examination is very demanding. There are so much material and skills that the candidate must demonstrate a level of proficiency in. Even when you study for one section of the exam at a time the amount of information you need to retain is extensive. To make matters worst, most of us candidates are extremely busy with life and we don't want to give up all of our leisure activities for six months straight. My solution to this dilemma is to use all the white spaces in our schedule in addition to our regular study sessions to study for the exam. We can take advantage of travel time in the car, while we wait in long lines, or in waiting rooms. Here, I have outlined six ways candidates can study on the go.

1. Use Flashcards
Flash cards are the number one tool for studying on the go. You can put them in your pockets and take them out when you are waiting in line, etc. If you have a smart phone you can use digital flashcards. has ninja flashcards. I haven't used them because I have made my own. If you don't have the time to make flashcards you should get them from or

2. Use Study Buddies
Using the buddy system will not only keep you honest about actually study but you can use each other as support. Try giving your buddy a copy of the notes you are studying and later on when you out on the beach or park can him or her to chat about the notes. Have them quiz you while you are waiting for the bus or  tanning. You get the picture.

3. Use Audio Files and Podcasts 
You have a long flight or car ride? That is the perfect time to listen to some Podcasts or audio files from your CPA Exam Review course. Make sure to select audios that have energetic presenters to put you to sleep. If possible take notes of the key points of what speaker talks about.

4. Use Mobile Apps
You can download apps for almost anything now, why not download Wiley's test bank app for your iPhone or Android phone. Using the app will give you that extra practice while you are away for you study area. I have already taken advantage of my Galaxy S4 by downloading the Wiley's test bank on it and doing multiple choice questions during downtime at work.

5. Have an Audience
Get on some forums to ask questions and answer some questions. You may think you know a topic well enough until you have to explain it to some else. There are many different forums online that focuses on the topics of the Uniform CPA Examination. Create a student affiliated AICPA accounting on,, or any other CPA exam review course site.

6. Study in Different Locations
It is actually good for you to study away from home. Take the time to study whenever you visit different places, especially if the scenery is spectacular. It would be too boring if you just study in your room. Get out and have some fun too.

Good luck!

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